Interesting solutions to common problems.

Software teams are continuously creating solutions that could be products for the broader market. These are some that might be valuable for you.

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    Private Public Proxy

    Browsers should and do trust the fewest number of endpoints possible, which can be an issue when wanting to integrate third party services like analytics. A proxy that you own can put you back into control.

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    Cookie Alias

    There no good reason to announce the platform running your website, but that's what cookie names do. Renaming cookies makes it more difficult for hackers and bots to target your system.

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    The Sitecore UI presented to it's users is terrible, but it doesn't need to be. Branding Sitecore for your users can go far in general happiness and productivity.

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    Google Lighthouse is the industry standard in browser benchmarking a website, so why not bring that into your CMS? SiteHouse integrates Lighthouse with Sitecore so content authors can quickly see the performance and accuracy of their work.

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